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Optima Global Mining & Trading (OGMT) is a diversified enterprise involved in finding, developing and mining minerals, primarily gold, and also offers professional financial services such as expert execution, clearing, and custodial services for gold shipments and trading advice.

OGMT strives to maintain an environment characterized by effective controls, disciplined risk management, and operational excellence and innovation. These effective controls include strong management reporting systems and utilization of vigorous independent internal and external checks on pricing positions and risk levels. We conduct ourselves in an ethical and highly professional manner in all our dealings.

OGMT is committed to empowering our clients to develop the infrastructure they need to grow successfully. We pride ourselves on the personalized attention we give to every client, as well as on the ability to use our resources to promote growth within our clients’ portfolio. Our experience in precious metals business has enabled us to create robust technologies that support our clients’ trading activities.

Ghana’s gold mines bursting with potential

Invest and Become a Partner with Optima Global Mining & Trading Co. Ltd., in Gold at Wholesale Prices

Asset Protection, Protect Your Assets With Gold

In turbulent economic times like these, converting wealth to gold has historically provided a good hedge against inflation, or the loss of actual value. Gold is a tangible commodity with real world uses, and it has always kept its value, especially during periods of economic uncertainty. since there is a finite amount of it, limited by how much of it has at any time been mined from the ground. Gold has been outperforming the dollar, real estate and most other investments. The price of gold has steadily ratcheted upward. No one has a crystal ball, but most financial experts believe that the price of gold will continue to rise.

Gold at Retail

Currently, for December, 2012, the retail market or “spot” price of gold is around $1,600 per ounce. A retail gold buyer will usually pay a broker’s commission on top of the spot price, which means that the price of gold has to go up by this amount for the investor to just break even. Increases in the price of gold translate to a relatively small profit margin, compared to buying the same amount of gold at wholesale prices (i.e., gold in the ground). Buying Retail gold is therefore more of a purely asset protection strategy, rather than an investment strategy. We at Optima Global Mining & Trading Co. Ltd. offer you the option of becoming a partner with us by buying gold directly at the mines at wholesale.

Gold at Wholesale

Wholesale gold prices are determined by how much it costs to mine and refine it. Only through investment in the mining itself can gold ever be bought at wholesale prices. There is only one way to profit, while limiting risk. It is through mining where gold has already been found, in proven gold reserves, that gold mining becomes just an extraction business. Extracting gold with conventional mining now costs about $300 per ounce. Gold extracted from a mine is then sold to gold brokers at just below retail price, who mark up the price. Investment in a proven gold mine, is not just “prospecting”, it is an investment in gold at about $300 per ounce, which is sold at the current price, about $1,600 per ounce. That is a 500% gain, which is definitely a “for profit” investment. Now let’s say that gold does drop in price, to say to $800 per ounce, wholesale investors never worry, because they still more than double their investment. Become a partner with Optima Global Mining & Trading Co. Ltd. By buying gold directly at the mines at wholesale. That’s a nice safety net.